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Impromptu Podcast Hosting 101

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 039: Full FrameLast night's episode of Full Frame was a first, at least for me. Nile Livesey was unavailable to helm the episode, so I volunteered to attempt to record the show with Ren Bostelaar and Mark Shannon.

When Nile has been unavailable in the past, we've simply postponed the episode until the next week. All of the pro audio gear we use to record the show is at the studio, which is in Nile's basement. My philosophy is not recording a show is worse than recording a bad show. There is debate in the podcasting community about the benefits of keeping your show on a consistent schedule and how that affects your audience. I prefer to err on the side of caution and have a consistently scheduled release.

Nile informed us approximately 4 hours ahead of our regular Tuesday night live airing of the show that he might be unavailable. I didn't see this until 2 hours before air time. After a few email exchanges, I offered to attempt a low-tech recording. Ren and Mark were willing to humour me, so we decided to go for it.

I used a program called Audio Hijack Pro, which can record audio directly from most Mac programs. Ren and I did some tests, recording the audio from Skype. It actually sounded quite good, so we added Mark into the mix and went ahead with the show.

Day 116: Hosting Full Frame
Getting ready to record Full Frame

The trickiest element of this episode was helming the show and leading us into each new topic. My first attempt at the show's introduction ended up as a complete blank. ;) After that stumble, I hit record again and we were off!

Nile has rather fat bandwidth tubes, so I had to be careful with how I managed my bandwidth during the recording (to keep the Skype audio as clean as possible). I ran the Skype recording on my MacBook Pro over my home TekSavvy connection. Everything else (show notes & stories) were viewed on my iMac, which was tethered to my iPhone's 3G signal.

After applying some post-processing enhancements with Audacity, I sent the audio file to Nile. He will add the show's intro theme and update the show notes accordingly. Hopefully it will be online tonight!

Featured in PC Magazine

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My photo of a derelict AppleWorks software box for the Apple II was recently featured in PC Magazine's The Eerie World of Abandoned Computers slideshow. The photo, taken in the once abandoned, but now demolished, Photech Imaging Systems, is featured in slide 8. Thanks to author Benj Edwards for contacting me about using the photo.

The Eerie World of Abandoned Computers

Sara Gaffoor

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last summer, I had the privilege of photographing Sara Gaffoor. I met Sara through work and, despite her other obvious assets, I was drawn in by her eyes. I immediately knew I wanted to photograph her.

The shoot took place at Innisfil Beach by the water. Sara's sister assisted with the shoot, giving Sara direction, which worked out very well. All I had to do was move into place to get the best shots. We used natural light, shooting as the sun was setting. We were also able to get some shots with the harvest moon rising behind Sara.

This is the most recent photo from the shoot that I posted on Flickr:

Sara Gaffoor

I can guess where most of you first looked, but check out Sara's eyes. I think they're stunning!

Overall, it was a really fun filled shoot and Sara was a dream to photograph. I can't wait to do it again.

Here's a Flickr slide show of the complete set of photos from the shoot.


In Search of Explosions

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tonight's episode of Full Frame, In Search of Explosions, was unusual in that we had a guest host - Paul Henman. Our last guest hosting episode happen quite a few months ago, so it was great to have Paul on the show. Among other topics, we discussed his photography and his Toronto Photo Walks group. Since we both run photo groups, I was particularly interested to hear his own perspectives on that subject.

My photographer shout out for this week was Dave Wares. He can be found on Flickr, Twitter and his website. He is another excellent (urban exploration) photographer from Britain. Dave has actually done some urban exploration with my previous two week's shout outs, Viveca Koh and Mark Blundell.

In fact, Dave is responsible for my all-time favourite urban exploration photo:

Click the screenshot above to see the full photo on Flickr

Overall, it was another fun episode to record, despite the loss of regular co-host Ren Bostelaar to Baseball Ninjas. ;)

Jonathan Everitt Interviews Mike Governale

Monday, April 18, 2011

If you have a moment, go check out Jonathan Everitt's blog, which aspires to be "an occasional look at cool, creative people". His post for April 17th is a feature on Mike Governale, the creator of

I'm honoured that Jonathan asked to use my Rochester Subway Graffiti photo in his post.  Thanks Jonathan!

Rochester Subway Graffiti


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